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Sheep Fast Asleep

(Hitsuji wa Nemureri, Japanese song)

Sheep fast asleep, there on a hill
Grass for their bed, all is still
Cold winter night, the frost appears
Shepherds keep watch by their fire
Soft there a sound, far, far away
Is it the stream? Winds at play?
Nay, friends, it is the heavenly choir
Ringing throughout the spheres

Star in the sky, shining so bright
Silent and pure, wondrous light!
What tidings bring it Israel?
Can we new hope in it find?
Good news it brings! Fear not, I pray!
Born is God's son, born today!
God's gift of love to all mankind
Our lord, Immanuel

Glory to God! Praise him on high!
Sing ye Noel! Day is nigh!
All ye who dwell on earth below
Peace be to you, and good will
Come, let us go to Bethlehem
Follow the star, seeking him
Let us adore and worship still
In love and joy to grow

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