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Lo, Now Ascends the Morning Sun

(Asahi wa noborite, Japanese song)

Lo, now ascends the morning sun
And floods the world with light
Let all who now in darkness dwell
The glorious sunrise greet
For he whose word is truth and law
Has come into the world
Let all who seek for righteousness
Kneel humbly at his feet

The Lord who wields almighty power
Has come into the world
All ye beneath life's crushing load
Come unto him and rest
Our lord, the prince of peace and love
Is come down from above
O come, all ye who mourn and weep
And he will wipe your tears

The Lord and source of endless life
Is born into the world
Let everyone now dead in sin
Come unto him and live
The Lord, who brings salvation down
In glory now appears
Rejoice, all ye who worship him
Rejoice, give thanks and sing

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