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Hymns Translation List: English, Korean, Japanese

At the beginning of our International Bible study meeting every Monday, We sing some hymns.
I made a "Juke-Box" of accompanying melody of hymns to sing with, by computer music MIDI.
I put musical notes on the personal computer, and make computer play it, and record the sound to a Mini-Disk. I'm using the software "Cakewalk Apprentice" to make MIDI files, and the hardware "Sound Blaster" & "Wave Blaster" to play them. When someone select 1 song from the list of 60 ones, I can play the selected melody quickly by Mini-Disk and sing together. It's convenient!

These are some of the hymns we sing. (MIDI file)
To listen to these file by a browser running on MS-Windows, you have to link the file type ".mid" to the program "mplayer.exe /play /close".
If you click ( Words ), you can read the words of song listening to the music.(Karaoke?!) Words in Japanese are written in both Roman character and Japanese (Kanji) character. To read Japanese and Korean characters, go to Windows Update and Install fonts.

Please link this page freely. I let you use, copy, link, and modify these songs for religious purposes freely.

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